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Applied Food Technologies (AFT) is a molecular diagnostics company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of products and services for the food industry.

AFT specializes in seafood species identification and verification. We follow FDA's validated method for DNA barcoding for the species identification of fish. Our seafood species DNA identification method is unique in the commercial marketplace in that its foundation is based solely on taxonomically validated reference material. To our knowledge, it is the only such system in the U.S. We have been working with the seafood industry and regulators for more than a decade to ensure the diagnostics we develop and utilize in our testing services are comprised of the ‘best available science’ for seafood species identification.

Mislabeling of seafood is a hot topic in the national news not only because of customer dissatisfaction, but also because it constitutes economic fraud. The penalties for mislabeling, including unintentional mislabeling, may be quite severe, and may include fines and prison sentencing. In response to claims of mislabeling, the FDA is currently testing seafood for mislabeling under Import Alert 16-04 (seafood) and Import Alert 16-128 (catfish). The FDA has expanded their barcoding program by performing DNA analysis in several regional and field laboratories. This new FDA testing program will involve random sampling of all seafood, including imported, domestic, fresh, frozen and processed seafood, both brand names and private label.

Applied Food Technologies is ISO 17025 accredited. Our Certificate of Accreditation can be found here.


L-A-B Accredited - Combo with ILAC and NACLA - with 17025 - Large

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Applied Food Technologies provides the following services:

  • Molecular Identification of Seafood Species
    • Authenti-Kit™ Species Identification Technology
  • Taxonomical Verification of Fish and Seafood
  • Antibiotic Residue Analyses
  • General Analytical and Microbiological Services
  • Contract Research and Development


Please visit our EcoArray Division website for more information on environmental testing


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