Species Identification


Grouper     grouper plate


Catfish         catfish_id

  • Ictalurus
  • Pangasius


Snapper        snapper_plate


Shellfish        shellfish_plate


Crabs            crusteaceans_plate


Shrimp           shrimp_plate


Lobster          lobster_plate


Salmon          samlmon_plate


Tuna              tuna_plate

We are constantly expanding our collection with taxonomically validated reference fish and our corresponding DNA database. In addition to the species listed above, we are able to identify species of Cod, Perch, Pollock, Sole, Flounder, Tilapia, trout and other commercially important fish -- both domestic and imported. Because our database expands faster than we can update our website, please inquire if your fish of interest is not listed here. Also, call us if you have specimens for taxonomical verification and inclusion in our database.





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