Distributor Fish Identification Testing Program

Distributors can benefit from species identification testing in many ways.

  1. Validate supply chain. First, because distributors can use the service to test product before purchase, distributors can rely on their supply chain by knowing the product being purchased is the correct product.
  2. Reduce tort liability. Second, distributors can greatly decrease their tort liability by making sure that they only sell properly labeled products.
  3. Improve consumer confidence. Finally, distributors can provide better product for their customers by making sure every fillet sold properly identified as to species. Thus, distributors can decrease risk and increase quality simply by implementing a testing service.

Distributors can test using several different sampling plans. Distributors can require container testing be done by the importer before purchasing from the importer, can test samples from the warehouse, or both. Based on several years of data, we have discovered that the mislabeling rate of fish sold to distributors sampling with us greatly decreases after testing because (1) they are able to stop purchasing from suppliers with higher mislabeling rates and (2) the importers who have a questionable container choose to sell those containers to distributors who don't require testing. For this reason, distributors who don't test with us likely have a higher rate of mislabeled fish than the national average because they are often sold the mislabeled fish that the distributors who test won't purchase. Thus, distributors can ensure quality for their customers, decrease tort and regulatory liability, and be better stewards of our oceans through testing.


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