DNA Testing of Fish Species Benefits Suppliers of Kosher Seafood

Applied Food Technologies offers a DNA-based species identification service that compares the DNA from the tested fillet to the DNA from a reference sample.  The reference samples, which were taxonomically validated by some of the world's leading experts, will indicate which fish are kosher and which are not kosher by species.  Unlike companies that use public databases, which may have inaccurate DNA sequences (the non-kosher substitute DNA sequence may have been sequenced by someone who purchased a mislabeled fillet), AFT can guarantee that the fish fillet tested is a kosher species.  Ideally, if kosher fish are grown in aquaculture, a distributor can send a person to visually inspect the fish for uniformity, take some samples and test with AFT.   If the sampled fish are confirmed by DNA testing to be a kosher species, then a supplier can be assured that all identical fish are kosher.  Testing in this manner results in a quality kosher product for consumers and a cost savings for the supplier.


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