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Applied Food Technologies has created a database of DNA sequences for hundreds of fish and shellfish based on taxonomical verification of commercially important species. We receive whole, intact specimens from suppliers around the world. All harvest data is included with the specimens. We catalogue and photo document each specimen and send it to several qualified taxonomists at several museums about the U.S. for taxonomical verification.

Taxonomy is the science of classification. Biological classification is the best known form of taxonomy. It is an empirical science and includes the prediction, discovery, description and (re)defining of taxa. It uses taxonomic ranks, including, among others, (in order) Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. How taxonomists arrive at their classification varies; depending on the available data, and resources. Validation methods vary from simple quantitative or qualitative comparisons of striking morphological features to elaborate computer analyses of large amounts of DNA data.

In order to have taxonomical verification performed, download and complete an AFT Taxonomy Submission Form . Please contact the laboratory by telephone or email before shipping.


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